Friday, 28 July 2017

Advantages of using Whatsapp for increasing sales

Advantages of using Whatsapp for increasing sales

Usage of technology

Ensure the targeted prospect uses technology for communication. This is not only applicable to SMS, Whatsapp or texts but for every mode of communication.

 Strong relationship

Ensure your decision making ability here. Guarantee that the relationship you have with the prospect is on strong ground, that it prospect can understand who you are – enough where an instant message wouldn’t appear to be strange. Fundamentally, an instant message ought to just be utilized when you have a set up relationship already.

Solid Rationale

The initial phase in sales is trust in your association with your prospect. Indeed, even with that, you ought to have a genuine reason behind why you are sharing that data by means of instant message.

Communication on time

Sometimes the speediest approach to contact a prospect might be through non-conventional sales communication. In case you’re attempting to achieve your potential customer that frequently uses SMS, and you have to send time-sensitive data very urgently – you know an instant message will get to them instantly.



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